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    I began this project in the spring of 1998 and won't begin to tell you how many hours it's taken to bring it "to press" on August 8th, 1999. It's been fun, frustrating, challenging but most of all, interesting. In many ways it's brought me closer to our community.

    I'd like to thank the property managers and building owners who graciously allowed my access to their rooftop. A few times it was a real adventure! Thanks for your trust that I wasn't going to fall over the edge, damage your expensive roofing or otherwise impose on your valuable time.

    And a special thanks to you for visiting this website.

    Jon Hazen, editor & publisher

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  • Buildings Location Map

  • Capital Manor
  • B
  • Capital Center
  • C
  • Equitable Center
  • D
  • Marion County Courthouse
  • E
  • Pringle Creek Tower
  • F
  • Oregon State Capitol
  • G
  • Oregon Revenue Building
  • H
  • Prudential Building
  • I
  • Spinnaker Point II
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