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    Salem & Keizer Area
    Dropoff Locations


    Keller Photo
    5458 River Road North
    Albertson's Shopping Center
    393-0506 <----phone ahead
    at holiday time. Thanks.


    A S A Postal
    1118 Lancaster Drive NE
    Academy Square at D Street

    Mail Boxes Etc.
    3760 Market Street NE
    Fred Meyer East Shopping Center


    The Other Mail Service
    1115 Madison NE
    1 block east of Capitol


    Mail Boxes Etc.
    4676 Commercial S
    Just North of Kuebler Blvd. on West Side
    Near Original House of Pancakes

  • Recycle Plastic Packing Peanuts

    Through the efforts of local business people, the Salem & Keizer area has developed a "cooperative dropoff system" to help us recycle styrofoam packing peanuts.

    This packaging material comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Sometimes it looks like peanuts, sometimes like shells. Any shape can have blue, red, white, or green coloring. As long as it is kept CLEAN AND DRY, you can mix and recycle it at convenient dropoff locations in the Salem and Keizer area.

    Recycling styrofoam packing material is easy: First, save it up in a garbage bag so it stays clean and dry. When you have a bag filled, call one of the local "packaging services" listed below. Let them empty your bag into their container, then you can re-use your bag. It's that easy!

    Most of the time these businesses will gladly accept your recycled material and reuse it. However, sometimes they have as much as they can store and if they cannot accept it at that time, save it or check with another business on the list.

    You can do your part to keep this useful material from entering the wastestream by recycling it...starting today. And tell your friends, too!

    P.S. Styrofoam chunks & blocks
    are not recyclable at this time.

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