Composting Yard Waste

Reducing Yard Waste

Yard waste easily accounts for 20% or more of our household waste. An easy way to control the amount of yard waste and return valuable nutrients to the soil, is to use lawn clippings as a green mulch worked directly into the soil in flower beds and around shrubbery. In the fall, rake leaves around your trees and shrubs to hold the moisture and slow the growth of weeds the following spring. Reduce and reuse yard waste for a greener Oregon!

One of the very best ways to reduce yard waste is to set up a compost pile or bin. If you are an old hand at com- posting, you know there are some tricks to getting one built & 'cooking'.

You also know there are organic household wastes that compost well, like coffee grounds, egg shells, veg etable trimmings, fruit peelings, wood ashes, nut shells, floor sweepings, and lawn clippings. There are other household wastes that should not be composted, like meat, bones, and fat because they don't readily decompose and attract disagreeable creatures like rats and skunks.

If you are interested in learning some simple and effective methods for setting up a small scale compost system at home, call Marion County at 588-5169 and ask for a copy of the informative brochure entitled HOME COMPOSTING. Also inquire about Marion County's Composters at Cost program.

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