Recycling Aluminum and Motor Oil


The Oregon Bottle Bill, enacted in 1971, has had a major impact on the recycling of aluminum containers in our state. Nowadays, we automatically recycle our aluminum beverage containers. With a nickel deposit per can, it just makes good cents.

Yet, each of us has probably had out-of-state houseguests and watched in horror as they calmly tossed an aluminum can into the trash. Chances are their action was met with a polite but firm statement like --"In Oregon, we don't do that. We recycle". We also don't throw money in the trash can.

Other Forms of Aluminum

Recycling centers and curbside collectors will both accept what recyclers call kitchen aluminum. This includes clean kitchen foil, food trays, food wrap, etc. that has been rinsed and flattened. Some metal food cans with pull tops are made of aluminum and are easily checked with a refrigerator magnet. If the magnet doesn't's aluminum. Please keep aluminum items separate from your tin cans when you set them out for curbside collection.

The amount of electicity conserved by reprocessing recycled aluminum as compared to refining raw ore is quite dramatic. Recycled aluminum requires only five percent of the energy it might otherwise take to manufacture the metal.

Used Motor Oil

For the guy or gal who changes the oil in the family car at home, the age-old problem of what to do with the waste oil has been solved. How? Convenient curbside collection.

Just pour the used oil into a well-rinsed bleach bottle or other non-breakable container with a good tight twist top, and set it out for curbside collection. Presto, it's gone and no people or pets tracking a black oily mess into the house.

Dispose of used motor oil properly, and conveniently.

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