Mrs. Rightway's Hints for Tin Cans

When you are ready to flatten the can, try this: Put the can on its side on the counter and gently lean on it to make the can oval. This does two things. It makes more room inside the can to put the two cutout end pieces and hides their sharp edges. The can is also easier to flatten under your shoe.

Once flattened, you will have a clean, shiny package to drop into a small container reserved for curbside collection.

More Ideas...

There tend to be two schools of thought on how best to prepare cans for recycling. For instance, some folks prefer filling the emptied cans with water, allowing them to soak, and then finishing the job when the dishes are washed.

However, there is something to be said for preparing each variety of container when it is emptied. For me, this way is more interesting. You'll also find there is no faster or surer way to develop the recycling habit while discovering the personal satisfaction of a job well done. Try it and you'll see.

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