More than 70% of the old newspapers in Oregon are currently being recycled. This means Oregon is one of the top states recycling newspaper in the country.

Newsprint is the recyclers' trade term for newspaper, and it's a natural for recycling. It is easy to prepare, store, and reprocess. Besides conserving natural resources, recycling newspaper saves large amounts of energy.

An easy way to prepare news- paper for recycling is to fold it in half and stack one issue on top of another in a brown paper grocery bag for curbside collection day. Anything that is delivered with your newspaper, may be recycled with your newspaper. Keep cereal boxes, magazines, waste paper and junk mail separate.

If you have extra brown-paper grocery bags, recycle them with your cardboard, or reuse them the next time you shop. Recycle or Reuse. The choice is yours and we all benefit.

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