Dear Friends,

We may not see the sun as often as
we would like, but when it comes to
recycling, Oregonians have seen the light.
Landmark recycling legislation of 1983 and 1991 provides us with outstanding recycling opportunities and statewide goals. Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, and Composting waste are required state waste management priorities. Oregon continues its tradition of leadership as one of the foremost recycling states in the nation.

Over the past decade our individual recycling efforts provided job opportunities, saved energy, conserved natural resources, and helped diversify Oregon's economy. Best of all, there is the opportunity to do even more. With Oregon's progressive recycling industry and innovative legislation, we find that recycling common household and business waste is even more practical, thrifty, and convenient for each of us.

This booklet is in your hands because businesses and individuals who support local recycling want to provide area residents with the latest recycling information. This easy-to-understand guide is designed for Oregonians of all ages. Recycling at home and at work is convenient and beneficial.

There's no mistake about it, recycling is easy. Try putting some glass bottles and jars, flattened tin cans, newspapers, cardboard, or other materials out for curbside collection. This service is available in all Oregon communities with a population of 4,000 or more. Many areas have curbside programs using colorful plastic baskets for recyclables. Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, and Composting are the least costly and most effective ways to manage waste.

My uncle, Ralph Cornelius Rightway, is a recycler by trade. On the following pages, Ralph will show you how only a little extra effort is needed to organize and prepare your recyclables. Remember that convenient curbside collection and recycling dropoff and buyback centers are available throughout Oregon.

Thanks for helping keep Oregon
Clean and Green,

P.S. In many areas, curbside collection is made on the same day as regular garbage service. Put your recyclables out early in the morning or the night before. To learn what your local curbside recycling program offers, call the garbage collection company serving your area. These local businesses deserve credit for their long-standing commitment to recycling and convenient curbside collection service.

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