Where Does It All Go?

NEWSPAPER Oregon City, Newberg, Longview WA

90% of the newspaper collected in Oregon is made into "new" newsprint. Oregon also imports large amounts of newspaper for this purpose. Small quantities of newspaper go to creative Oregon businesses that manufacture flower pots, packing material, egg cartons, apple crate liners, and construction materials.

CARDBOARD Albany, North Bend, Toledo

Recycled into new corrugated cardboard boxes. Oregon uses all the recycled cardboard the state generates and imports material from as far away as Chicago & Midwest.


Clear glass is made into food containers. Some colored glass is shipped out-of-state. If the container bottom has the symbols shown above, it is recycled glass and made in Oregon.


The only de-tinning operation in the Northwest United States. After the tin is removed, the remaining steel can is sent to mills for refinement & remanufacture.

MIXED WASTE PAPER Northwest & World Markets

Made into molded pulp products such as egg cartons, flower pots, & used as a fiber supplement to various cardboard products.


A special process removes ink and clay coatings from paper. The fiber is used in other paper products which enhances quality.

MOTOR OIL Oregon City, Coos Bay

Nearly all waste oil recycled on the west coast is processed for use as fuel for cargo ships and other marine uses.

PLASTICS Portland & United States Markets

Baled locally and shipped to be processed for reuse with similar resin types.

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