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A concern among many Oregonians is that product packaging represents a major portion of household waste. While more and more of the packaging that finds its way into our state is recyclable, much of it is destined to be garbage from the moment it is manufactured.

The difficulty comes with packaging that combines plastics, metal and paper in any combination. The resulting material is expensive, will not decompose, and is not recyclable. Plastic litter continually turns up on our roadways and on our scenic coastline, rivers, mountains, and beaches. It is an eyesore, a menace to wildlife, and costly to control.

We might not think about it very often, but when we purchase a product, we are paying for the packaging, as well as the product it contains. Each of us makes decisions while shopping and with this in mind, we can seek out manufacturers who understand the consumer value of recyclable packaging. Let us be more aware of packaging and select products that are sold in recycled, recyclable, or reusable containers. Oregonians deserve good value for their money. Let's do our part, by shopping smart!

Recycling and Resource Management

It is important to understand that effective waste management is a process of resource management. When we recycle, reuse, and compost waste, we are giving valuable materials another life of usefulness. Reusing, Recycling, and especially Reducing the amount of household, yard, office, and business waste makes real sense. Waste reduction and recycling provide effective alternatives to the unhappy financial and environmental costs associated with waste disposal by incineration or burial.

Convenient residential curbside collection and buyback/dropoff centers mean waste reduction and recycling are practical and effective ways to preserve environmental quality. Recycling habits are easily learned and last a lifetime. Recycling can be done at home and at work. Discover the recycling opportunities and benefits that are waiting for each of us, every day. Oregon Recycles.

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