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    SOURCE: Capitol Recycling & Disposal, Inc.
    Solid Waste Management Services - 363-8890

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    Anything that comes inserted with the newspaper can be recycled with the newspaper. Put newspaper in brown paper grocery bags.

  • Please- Do not mix magazines or cardboard with your newspaper.

    Corrugated Cardboard & Brown Paper Sacks
    Flatten & secure into a bundle to prevent the wind from scattering. Remove all wire & plastic. Recycle brown paper bags with your cardboard.

  • Please- No waxed cardboard. Waxed cardboard cannot be recycled.

    Container Glass - Sorted By Colors
    Bottles & jars only...please rinse. Sort by color (clear, brown, green) & place in separate bags. Labels do not need to be removed. Recycle metal lids with your tin cans.

  • Please- No dishes, light bulbs, window or broken glass, pyrex or ceramics.

    Grayboard includes cereal boxes (remove liners), shoe boxes, 6-pack & 12-pack beverage boxes, gift boxes, paper egg cartons, paper tubes (for examples: paper towel, toilet paper), paperback books, construction paper.

  • Please- No ice cream boxes, milk cartons, foam packing material, waxed or foil-lined boxes, paper coffee cups, or any container from the frozen or refrigerated food section of the grocery store.

    Shiny-coated, soft-bound, magazines and catalogs.

  • Please- No phone books, paperback books (these go into your mixed scrap paper), or other types of paper that are not shiny-coated, soft-bound, magazines and catalogs.

    Mixed Scrap Paper
    Sorted household mail, white & pastel colored paper, envelopes, window envelopes, pamphlets & brochures. Staples are okay. Please open junk mail!

  • Please- Do not include construction, carbon, or tissue paper; hard cover books, paper towels, tape, charcoal/fertilizer/pet food bags, food or gum wrappers, disposable diapers & hygiene products, foil or foil-printed paper, photographs, string, or wax-coated paper.

    Plastic Bottles - Numbers 1-7
    All rigid plastic containers numbers 1-7 including bottles, tubs, trays and lids (not screw-on caps). Please rinse, flatten and place in brown paper bag. No need to sort or separate plastic containers.

  • Please- No oil, pesticide, paint or solvent bottles! No expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam TM). No plastic bags, films, spray pumps, screw-on caps, or containers larger than one gallon.

    Tin Cans & Aluminum
    Remove label, top & bottom. Rinse clean and flatten whenever possible. Foil, TV dinner trays, beverage cans, and jar lids are all accepted.

  • Please- No appliances or scrap metal.

    Used Motor Oil
    Pour used motor oil into NONBREAKABLE containers with tight-fitting, screw-on caps (bleach or milk jugs work fine--rinse first).

  • Please- No paint thinner, gasoline or other hazardous liquids, or containers larger than one gallon.

    General Recycling Service Information
    Thank you for taking the time necessary to prepare your recyclable materials & compostable yard debris. Your effort is greatly appreciated. Proper preparation is very important to a successful recycling program.

    Please recycle weekly. Large quantities of materials are difficult for the driver to manage. Place brown-bagged recyclables into your red basket at the curb no later than 6:00 AM on the day of your regular garbage pickup.

    Please DO NOT put bags of recyclables directly into mud-puddles or soggy grass.
    Please DO NOT use plastic bags.

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    Curbside Yard Debris Service
    Please place yard debris into your cart marked "Yard Debris Only". Materials to include are leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, other yard vegetation, tree/shrub prunings that are not over 4" in diameter or over 4 feet in length. The lid must be closed on the cart when it is put out for collection.

    Please DO NOT put rocks, loose dirt, stumps, logs, animal waste or cat litter in your "Yard Debris Only" Rollcart. Thanks!

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    New Rollcart Service
    Please help us by following these instructions when placing your rollcarts out for collection:

  • Rollcart must be placed at the curb...at the street where property meets the street.
  • Cart opening facing the street.
  • Four feet away from other carts, mail box, shrubs.
  • Six feet in front of, or behind parked vehicles.
  • Close the rollcart lid completely.

    Please DO NOT put garbage into the larger cart marked "Yard Debris Only".

    Thank you for your help with our automated service. We appreciate your assistance.


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