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    The Cascade Canoe Club of Salem meetings are open to the public and held at 7:30 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at the First United Methodist Church, Room 225, East Wing Bldg., at the corner of Church and State Streets in Salem, Oregon.

    Yearly membership dues are $25.00 individual, $30.00 family, and $10.00 newsletter only. Benefits of membership in the CCC include the monthly newsletter, a subscription to Paddler Magazine, and membership in the American Canoe Club, the largest national paddling club in the nation.

    The American Canoe Association has a voice in Washington, D.C., staying apprised of river issues being decided across the country. The American Canoe Association also provides an umbrella insurance policy that covers trips, members, and trip leaders.

    The Cascade Canoe Club of Salem may be contacted through Jim Bradley at Oregon Canoe Sport at 2366 State Street #B, Salem, OR 97301 (503) 361-7824

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