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    Mission Mill Museum is regionally known as a premier Salem, Oregon historical attraction. The Mission Mill Museum grounds include the1898 Thomas Kay Woolen Mill which is the anchor attraction.

    Of equal interest are the historically important 1841 Jason Lee House, 1847 John D. Boon House, 1841 Methodist Parsonage and PGE Water Power Interpretive Exhibit.

    If you are interested in textiles, water power, fabric milling and finishing, pioneer structures, 19th century furnishings and artifacts, or Salem history in a parklike setting, visit Mission Mill Museum and walk in the footsteps of Oregon pioneers.


    You may take a ninety-page TOUR of Mission Mill Museum by selecting the NEXT PAGE link in the shaded box on each page. There is so much to see. If you do not complete the tour, simply bookmark where you stopped, and begin again on that page, at any time.

    If you prefer to browse this site, select any of the Mission Mill Museum attractions from the menu that appears on the top/right of each page. Your location will appear in bold type in this menu. Navigate the attraction with its lower menu.

    You may join the TOUR in progress at any time. In any event, you are only two clicks away from any page on this website. Visit Historic Mission Mill Museum in Salem and step back into history. Enjoy your visit.

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