Salem Area Citizen Graffiti Report

Your report to the City of Salem Graffiti Volunteer Coordinator is confidential. Your name & telephone number are important & necessary elements of this report.


Graffiti Location: Please be specific; for instance, "south end of bleachers at xyz school"; or "Utility box on the NE corner of High and Court"; a description referenced to an address is excellent, for example: 1685 xyz street on fence on south side of property.

Description: Please include as much information as possible about the graffiti, for example: color & kind of marking, content, size of area marked; anything that will help a cleanup crew find it and prepare them for its removal.

The graffiti you are reporting is: Residential Business Other

This form is available at:

Mail Report: Graffiti Report, City Hall, 555 Liberty SE, Salem, OR 97301
Fax Graffiti Report: 503-588-6135
Telephone Voice Mail Report: 503-371-4264 or 371-GANG
  • Salem's Graffiti Prevention Program