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  • Salem's Graffiti Prevention Program
  • City of Salem Graffiti Coordinator
  • How, Why & When to File a Report
  • Salem's Anti-Graffiti Ordinance
  • Volunteer to Help with a Cleanup
  • Additional Anti-Graffiti Resources
  • File An Email Report
  • Phone, Fax & Mail Reports
  • Graffiti Report Form

  • Salem's anti-graffiti program is alive and quite well.

    Salem residents can help by reporting graffiti they see. An electronic report form allows Salem graffiti reports to be uniform and accurate...very helpful for Kim Nelson & the cleanup crews. This means the cleanup crew can be better prepared when they arrive and...they'll know right where to find the markings.

    "Graffiti is a crime against a community."

    Let's help Salem's Graffiti Prevention Officer identify graffiti locations so we can continue this good work keeping Oregon's capital city and our neighborhoods shiny and clean. This is especially important for making a good impression on visitors to Salem...government, business, relatives & friends will appreciate our clean community. Citizen reports are easy, practical and...they work.

    Program your cell phone to easily report sightings of graffiti. - 503-371-4264

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  • If you see graffiti tagging in progress...call 911.

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