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  • Salem's Graffiti Prevention Program
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  • How, Why & When to File a Report
  • Salem's Anti-Graffiti Ordinance
  • Volunteer to Help with a Cleanup
  • Additional Anti-Graffiti Resources

  • File An Email Report
  • Phone, Fax & Mail Reports
  • Graffiti Report Form
  • Cell Phone Reports: 503-371-4264

  • Kim Nelson is Salem's Graffiti Volunteer Coordinator. Responsibilities include screening reports, working with interns who help photograph and repaint as well as run crews of local volunteers or even a special crew for former taggers repaying our community for their disrespect and damage.

    Successful graffiti control requires individuals, neighborhoods, organizations, businesses, and government to work together.

    Salem residents can help stop graffiti vandalism. Information presented here explains how, why and when to lend a hand. Graffiti can be controlled and electronic reports by Salem residents are helpful and confidential.

    Salem residents are encouraged to monitor in general and your neighborhood in particular. When you spot graffiti, take a few minutes to file a citizen report electronically via this website's email report form. That starts the cleanup process. Bookmark the form for later convenience.

    Thank you for your help.

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