eight pound + Siletz River Summer Steelhead
This 8+ pound Siletz River summer steelhead was caught on the North Fork of the river in October 1982. It took a green butt skunk on a rainy day and was landed after a fierce 35-minute battle on a Sage graphite 6 wt. & Hardy single action reel with floating line and 8 pound tippet.

The most memorable part of the event was when the fish ran downstream and I thought, "He's gone now." Just before 'going over' the tailout into the next riffle, it stopped. After about a minute of holding it raced at me full speed (strip-strip-strip-strip-strip-strip!!), then jumped ten feet away going well over my head as I stood hip deep in the current.

The north fork section of the river has since been closed to all fishing, but for many years, it provided a very nice piece of water for fly fishers between April and mid-October, then opened for all angling methods. -jbh

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