Flyfishing and Tying Jon's Generic


Jon's Generic

  fly & photo by Gene Trump


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  • What to Expect from this Fly.

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  • Dubbing the Generic
  • Finishing the Fly
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  • Fishing Jon's Generic - Techniques

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  • You got that important "buggy" look, and whip finished. I like to double whip finish because once in a while one whip will come undone and you'll still be able to fish. This is important because the more chewed and tattered the fly becomes, often, the better it will fish. Goes back to the importance of the buggy appearance.

    If you use head cement (and again, my opinion is it's a good idea), try pulling the last three inches of a hackle that still has some of the fibers on the tip through the hook eye to clear any head cement before it dries.

    I'd recommend tying a dozen to get the feel for the bushy dubbing and to have some extras on hand to share with your buddies who will be asking, "Hey...what the heck are you using?"

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