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Jon's Generic

  photo by Gene Trump


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  • Hook #12 Mustad 9672, Tiemco 5263 or equivalent 3x long
    Thread 6/0 red
    Weight 8-11 wraps .025 lead wire or non-lead equivalent weight
    Tail 12-15 Black Schlappen fibers (chicken)
    Dubbing Hareline Fur Dubbin, Black #7 (rabbit fur dyed jet black)


    Pretty straight forward tie...Begin by crushing the barb on the hook, laying down a quick base of thread on the bare hook, wrapping .025 lead wire around the shank 11 times & binding it down securely (illustration above). Then tie-in a tail of a dozen or fifteen separated, black chicken fibers. Extend the tail about half the length of the hook shank. I like Schlappen tailing fiber, but I'm sure their are other quality, soft, feather fibers.

    Now you're ready to start dubbing your Generic.

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