Float Tube Flyfishing for Crappie

  • April 29, 1996
  • Water Temperature 58 degrees
  • Air Temperature 70 degrees
  • Farm Pond - Willamette Valley Oregon

  • My visit to this pond was actually a Plan B. I had already driven half an hour from home to a favorite 3-acre farm pond where good-sized bass and bluegill were sometimes on the bite this early in the year. When I arrived, one of the farmer's children was fishing and as a matter of courtesy, I invoked Plan B and left without getting out of my van.

    After fifteen minutes of driving, I slid along a muddy road and pulled up to another private farm pond, this one is about 6 acres in size. It was not promising...the pond was very high, off color (visibility 18"), and relatively cold. I carried a 9' for a six wt. and an 8' for a four armed with a small yellow popper and #12 black nymph, respectively. Each had a floating line and eight foot 5x leader.

    As it often turns out, even dismal conditions won't necessarily put fish down. And so I had good fishing. But, as soon as the sun was off the water, the bite stopped. Go figure.

  • Vista of mustard blooming along the road. (35k)
  • View of the pond. (43k)
  • I decided to fish along the dike. (42k)
  • Fish were scattered along this bank. (42k)
  • A fat crappie comes to hand. (39k)
  • The bite was on! (48k)
  • Another nice 13" fish. (44k)
  • One of the last fish of the day. (45k)
  • Getting ready to take out. (39k)

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