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    Photos of Flooding in the Salem Area

    Images of flooding along South River Road, Salem, Oregon. February 7, 1996 - 4:45 PM. In comparison to other areas of Marion & Clackamas county...this is minor flooding.

    On the television news at this moment (7 PM, February 7th) it is announced that 3,000 residents of the Santiam Canyon east of Salem are being evacuated from the canyon. The North Santiam River is above flood stage. Detroit Reservoir is filling and the U.S. Corps of Engineers is advising Marion County public safety officials to evacuate residents. Governor Kitzhaber declares a state of emergency in 18 Oregon counties.

  • Graph of Daily Flood Levels - Willamette River at Salem

    Sunday, February 11, 1996
    Sunny and warm for three days...high water in small streams drops quickly.

    Friday, February 9, 1996
    The rains finally stopped, rivers crested, but flooding continues.

    Wednesday, February 7, 1996
    A short drive on River Road South

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