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    Jensen Arctic Museum

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    Jensen Arctic Museum in Monmouth, Oregon (20 minutes west of Salem) is the only museum on the west coast that is dedicated wholely to the arctic culture.

    The Jensen Arctic Museum was founded in 1985 by adventurer, educator, collector and philanthropist Paul H. Jensen. His love of the arctic people, their art, lifestyle and environment earned him the title "Angyalik" (Captain of the Ship) bestowed by an Eskimo Council of Elders.

    The museum's collections include art, tools, apparel and information about indigenous arctic people. The Jensen Arctic Museum lends an appreciation for both the culture and ingenuity of a People who blended into a difficult and often unforgiving arctic environment.

    Take this short online tour, then plan a first-hand visit to Jensen Arctic Museum. It's an educational experience for all ages and a must-see Salem area attraction.

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    Jensen Arctic Museum
    Western Oregon University
    590 W. Church Street
    Monmouth, Oregon 97361

  • Telephone: 503-838-8468

  • Hours: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday. Special tours available by appointment.

  • Admission: Donation.

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  • Dr. Paul Jensen Biography
  • Exhibit Room and Mural
  • Polar Bear and Sledder
  • Sled Closeup and Dall Sheep
  • Musk Ox Display
  • National Geographic Mural
  • Mural and Caribou
  • Long Boat and Harpoons
  • Kayak Frame Closeup
  • Athabascan Beaded Mittens
  • Basketry and Art Displays
  • Wolves and Caribou
  • Tools For Cutting
  • Cormorant Feather Parka
  • Bone Spear Points
  • Arctic Fox

    Arctic Basketry Fine Basketry Includes Fibers of Baleen

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